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Our head brewmaster, Ryan Czaja, has been with us since November 2014. Before becoming the man in charge, he apprenticed under two past brewmasters. When the time came, Ryan took the brewing reigns over and has been in charge ever since. During his tenure, Ryan has perfected the classics, while also bringing his own twist, including implementing the Parlour Series, a summer IPA series, and expanding our barrel-aged beer offerings. In fact, Ryan's version of the Station's infamous B.A. Wooden Hell Barleywine was also recently named as Rate Beer's "2019 BEST BEER" in Illinois and, in addition, one of the top 100 craft beers in the WORLD.

If you see Ryan at the Station, don't be afraid to say hello. And if you want to buy him a drink, his go to drink is a margarita (just kidding, it's Rail Hopper IPA)!

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